Last night’s finale of the hit dieting show ‘The Biggest Loser’ saw contestant PATRICK HOUSE walk away with this year’s title after losing a total of 181 lbs, reports the New York Daily News. With the help of trainers Jillian Michaels and BOB HARPER, House managed to shed almost half of his original weight of 400 lbs.
The 28-year-old from Vicksburg Mississippi wowed the live studio audience as he stepped on the scales to reveal the dramatic weight loss. He proceeded to burst into tears and was hugged by his wife and two children while confetti rained down on the stage. House called his journey through season ten of the show, “an emotional, lifestyle change”. Before signing up for the vigorous training schedule, House had a number of health issues including high cholesterol and high blood pressure and he admitted, “If I don't make that change and the way that I am, I'm going to die young”.
The 28-year-old fought off stiff competition from runner up ALFREDO DINTEN who lost a total of 162 lbs, and third place ADA WONG who lost 99 lbs of her original 258. The new champion’s wife, Bradley, lost 53lbs herself while her husband competed on the show.