Soul star Jill Scott has an extra reason to celebrate after the release of her latest album - she's shed 15.9 kilograms (35 pounds).

Scott, whose album BEAUTIFULLY HUMAN: WORDS + SOUNDS VOL 2 currently sits in third position on America's Billboard chart, has managed to lose the weight after embarking on a new workout regime and taking up a diet specially adapted for her O Positive blood group.

She says, "I've been riding my bike, I've been taking walks and I've been doing a little yoga, but mostly I like riding my bike around the neighbourhood.

"I got this book called EAT RIGHT 4 YOUR BLOOD TYPE. According to this book, vinegar helps to give you diabetes if you're O Positive, so I cut out vinegar - which means no pickles, no olives, no capers.

"Vinegar is in all salad dressing...even the creamy ones. It hurts my feelings! I don't have salad dressing. (Now) I put little croutons and a little lemon juice (in my salad). It's not delicious!"

15/09/2004 02:43