Former LAW & ORDER star Jill Hennessy has developed a career as a New York street busker if her acting career ever ends - because she already knows where the best places to play Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell hits are.
The star performed on the city's subway and at Big Apple landmarks as she struggled to become an actress - and she made a good living doing it.
Hennessy still performs - she recently played a concert at her son's pre-school - and now she's hungry to hit the streets again and play her favourite places.
She tells WENN, "When I was playing the subways I would stay in the station and the acoustics were really good on the 1-and-9 line by 79th and Broadway. Youd always get someone coming up and saying, 'Can you play Joni Mitchell's Circle Game because last time I heard that my wife and I were still together?' and they would tell me their whole life story.
"I would play Circle Game and somebody would cry or I would do Dylan or Springsteen covers and Patti Griffin, Green Day, Katy Perrys I Kissed A Girl. I would also play in Washington Square Park and Central Park around the John Lennon memorial.
"If you averaged it to salary, by the hour I took home around 15 bucks. And near a holiday I made well over 20 dollars an hour.
"My dream is to play at Grand Central Station because the acoustics are amazing."