Singer Jewel is to share her best holiday tips with fans in a new video blog.
The Who Will Save Your Soul singer will offer up her own personal family recipes, decorating tips, and time-saving tricks to help crafty followers make this most of the festive season as a guest contributor for greeting card company Hallmark.
She says, "Tradition takes on new importance as a new mum. I see myself as not just a mum, but an architect of memories. As such, I get to help my son make great memories, and the holidays are such a great vehicle for that.
"However, most of us tend to bite off more than we can chew at the holidays, causing unnecessary stress. So I like to pick a few key traditions to focus on - like the tree - and get help or cut corners on the rest."
Jewel's posts and video vignettes can be viewed on Hallmark's page as part of the organisation's Ideas and Inspiration campaign.