Country star Jewel has been "cramming" ahead of a concert showcasing her new music over fears she would forget the lyrics.

The singer/songwriter is hosting a free fan gig in Nashville, Tennessee on Friday (21Mar14) which will be recorded for her upcoming album.

Jewel is worried about fumbling the words, so she has been revising her new songs over and again ahead of the show.

She writes in a series of posts on, "So it just dawned in (sic) me yesterday that I can't just stumble my way through my show tonight in my usual forgetful fashion & that I need...

"I need to actually know the songs I'm singing cause they are being recorded for an album, after all. Been cramming... But let's be honest - I've rarely made it through a a song with out some little flub. Either it's part of my charm or ya'all (you all) just really luv (sic) me!"