Sexy singer Jewel is hoping to team up with Matchbox Twenty frontman ROB THOMAS in the recording studio, after agreeing to take part in his wife's charity show.

The INTUITION beauty recently agreed to perform at the 3 August (04) fundraiser Thomas' wife MARISOL and fashion designer RON CHERESKIN are hosting at New York's CHINA CLUB.

Thomas, currently recording his solo album, will also be performing at the invitation-only event, which will benefit the couple's SIDEWALK ANGELS FOUNDATION, a charity helping homeless people who cannot afford proper medical attention and animals that have been abandoned or abused.

He says, "I've met Jewel a few times. We're on the same label, so we've crossed paths quite a bit. She's really nice, and she's got a hell of a voice on her.

"We'll probably be getting together and writing together for her next record. Mine will be done by then."

20/07/2004 21:13