Martial arts Hero Jet Li is so thrilled with the success of his movie HERO in America, he's taken out a full-page advertisement thanking Quentin Tarantino for transporting it from China.

The film, which is set in the third century BC, has been at the top of the American box office for the past two weekends, prompting Li, the film's director Zhang Yimou and the cast and crew to say a big thank-you to Tarantino and Miramax bosses BOB and Harvey Weinstein for making it a success.

The ad, placed in Hollywood trade publication DAILY VARIETY, reads, "We want to thank Bob and Harvey Weinstein, Quentin Tarantino and the entire Miramax team for their unbelievable efforts on Hero. They supported this film from the very beginning when they came on board as co-financiers.

"They proved to the world that a Chinese-language film can be a commercial success in America and that you guys are the best there is."

08/09/2004 02:11