Jesy Nelson has squashed rumours she is no longer engaged to Jake Roche and insists they are ''very much in love''.

The Little Mix singer, 25, has said that she and the Rixton star, 24, are in ''no rush'' to tie the knot because they got engaged as they felt just being labelled as girlfriend and boyfriend ''undermined'' their relationship.

Asked if she is fed up of being asked when their wedding is, she said: ''Yes. It's funny, because when my fiancé proposed to me, he'd never done it like, 'We're getting married tomorrow.' He felt like when he called me his girlfriend, it wasn't enough.

''He felt like it really undermined our relationship, and he loved the fact that - I don't know, he loved the fact that he can say I'm his fiancé instead of just girlfriend, and I love that. I think it's really sweet.''

The couple won't be rushing down the aisle as they plan on travelling together, however, Jesy says she wants their nuptials to be ''intimate'' with only close friends and family in attendance and she thinks she and Jake will ''know'' when the time is right for them to get married.

She told Idolator: ''We're in no rush. We want to travel the world together. There's so much we want to do together, and at the moment, we're focused on our own careers that there just isn't time. We're literally in no rush.

''I think when we know, we'll know, and we'll do it, and [it will] probably be really intimate, hardly any people there. We're very much in love, and we'll do it when we feel the time is right.''

Rumours of their split began when Jesy unfollowed Jake on Instagram but later, the singer took to the photo sharing site and hinted that the pair were still engaged.

She liked a photo of him on the website whilst Jake liked a message, which read: ''Jesy said she used to tell the girls that no boy would ever give her that butterflies in your stomach feeling, until she met Jake.''