Jesy Nelson always has a good cry whenever she is hit with ''random waves of sadness''.

The Little Mix band member has admitted she used to bottle up her tears when she was feeling down, but she now thinks that was ''ridiculous'', and in a note to her 5.4 million Instagram followers, she has encouraged her fans to always let their ''natural emotion'' out.

In a message made on her smartphone's Notes app, the 'No More Sad Songs' hitmaker wrote: ''Sometimes out of nowhere I'll get these random waves of sadness and I don't know why or how they get there but they just do!

''Most of the time when I have these moments I just want to burst into tears and just let myself be sad. Not so long ago I used to just hold it all in and try to forget about it, or think of things that didn't make me feel that way to stop me from crying. But isn't that ridiculous?

''When we laugh whether it be a giggle or a roll on the floor wet ourselves moment, our brains don't suddenly say you feel happy but don't laugh so cover your mouth.

''We let it out because it feels good to laugh because it's a natural emotion.

''So why do we stop ourselves from crying?''

The 28-year-old pop star - who is dating reality star Chris Hughes - added how much ''better'' she feels after a crying session.

She concluded: ''If I feel sad now I let it out. I just cry because it actually makes me feel better not weaker.

''So if you're feeling sad today just be sad, be bloody f***ing miserable because sometimes you just need to be sad and that's ok.

''Anyway I just wanted to share that with you all because if you are feeling thus way you're not alone in feeling like that.''