Chris Hughes and Jesy Nelson are living together.

The former 'Love Island' star has been romancing the 28-year-old Little Mix singer since the beginning of this year, and Chris has now unwittingly confirmed the pair have taken their relationship to the next level and set up home with each other.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, Chris said: ''Do you know what our schedules aren't too bad. We obviously live together now, which I think everyone knows. But we fit around it. Nobody is ever too busy for love, that's what they say.''

And the 26-year-old hunk has described the 'Woman Like Me' hitmaker as simply ''wonderful'' and the loved-up pair are going on a ''romantic getaway'' this weekend to his family home in the Cotswolds.

Opening up about their relationship, he said: ''Yeah things are marvellous. Everything's good. She's a wonderful lady.

''We're actually off to my house this weekend for a lovely romantic getaway back to the Cotswolds. We've also packed our two cycles, our bicycles. We've got a few things in the diary so yeah it's exciting.''

This news comes as Chris previously admitted that getting married is one of his main life goals.

Asked about his main ambitions in live, the 'ITV Racing' presenter said: ''I want to continue to develop my presenting skills, as I really enjoy television presenting and I want to do a lot more of it as my career progresses. I also want to get married. That's something I'm looking forward to doing one day.''

For now, the couple are happy spending time together on their travelling adventures, as Chris says ''being lost in a foreign country'' with the 'Black Magic' hitmaker makes him feel ''free''.

He said: ''[I'm happiest] when I'm travelling around, exploring new places, with my other half not having a clue where we're going. Being lost in a foreign country with my girlfriend makes me feel free and is when I'm at my happiest.''

Travelling is one of the star's biggest passions, and he says he loves to whisk Jesy away on spontaneous breaks whenever they both have time off.

When asked what he does to relax, he said: ''I go on little adventures, short breaks to foreign places where we can explore. I don't get loads of time off, so I have to make the most of my few days off here and there to jump on a plane and go somewhere with my girlfriend.''