Jessie J wasn't embarrassed about singing about her belief in God on her track 'Thunder'.

The 26-year-old singer, who spoke about her religious beliefs in the 2013 song, claims it felt normal to sing about God then and although she doesn't feel the same way now, she doesn't regret the song.

Jessie said: ''Selfishly, you never think about how other people are going to take what you're saying. From day one, I've only ever sung about what's in my heart or what's in my head and those things change.

''You don't even realise until you come away from it and look back at it and go, 'Wow, that time when I did that and sang about that, that felt normal.' And now it doesn't. You're constantly changing.''

She said she felt like it was the ''right time'' to sing about believing in God but she didn't want to be too specific so everybody could relate to the song.

She continued: ''Not everybody believes in God, so everybody can listen to that song and take from it what they want, but I knew what it meant to me.''

Jessie thinks it's important for artists to be themselves and sing about what they want to.

She added: ''You only get one chance ... especially as an artist, I think it's so important what your life is made of.''

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