Jessie J says her thoughts are with a man who was stabbed in the neck at her Blackberry Bbm party in central London on Tuesday (April 3, 2012). Police were called shortly after midnight to the Pulse underground nightclub in Southwark Street where Jessie J had been performing in front of a crowd of fans, celebrities and technology journalists, reports the UK's Telegraph newspaper.
Witnesses said that once Jessie J had performed, there was a "stampede" for the cloakroom and a dispute broke out between numerous revellers. A man was stabbed in the neck with a broken bottle, with those at the scene recalling a "huge" amount of blood. Channel 4's technology correspondent Benjamin Cohen said he saw a bouncer covered in blood in the toilets, saying, "Everyone tried to leave at the same time but the organisers weren't geared up for it and there was a huge rush to get to the cloakroom.People were crying and quite a lot were being sick, whether from the blood or the alcohol. A lot of people here were teen users of BlackBerry who don't seem to have had a free drink before". The incident is a huge drawback for Blackberry, who have been losing ground on rivals Apple, Samsung and Htc for some time. Jessie J took to her Twitter account early on Wednesday morning to share her thoughts on the incident, saying, "My thoughts are with the person who was seriously injured last night at the blackberry bbm party. So sad. I really hope they are ok". One man was taken to hospital with serious injuries, while another man was arrested and remains in custody.Chipmunk="" and="" wretch="" as="" well="" cast-members="" of="" only="" way="" is="" essex="" including="" lauren="" goodger.="" around="" gig-goers="" were="" prevented="" from="" leaving="" party="" until="" while="" police="" investigated="" incident.="">