Jessie J made her American television debut when she performed on Saturday Night Live at the weekend.
Jessie J, the British singer-songwriter who won the Critic's Choice Prize at this year's Brit Awards, performed her hit single 'Price Tag' on Saturday Night Live, reports MTV News.Jessie was joined on stage by rapper B.O.B, who also features on the smash-hit track. Speaking shortly before her Snl performance, the 22-year-old discussed her acclaimed new album 'Who You Are', saying, "I didn't really want many features on the album. I think that sometimes you get an album and songs seem better if they've got like platinum-selling artists on all of them and their features, and I wanted people to judge it on me. And that's a lot harder thing to do". Jessie was the musical guest on Saturday's show, which was hosted by 'The Hangover' star Zach Galifianakis, and her performance was well received by the U.S audience. Speaking about the B.O.B collaboration, the singer said, "When I wrote Price Tag, B.o.B was, like, everywhere and I just loved his sound. He's the same age as me and everything he rapped about, I felt like I would rap about if I were a rapper"
Jessie J released her debut album on 25th February 2011 in the UK. The record is set to hit shelves in the U.S on 17th April 2011.