The Price Tag singer released her third album Sweet Talker in 2014, but has since been working as a judge on The Voice Australia. She has only given fans one new song, Flashlight from the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack, last year (15) and isn't even thinking about starting a follow-up record.

"I'm taking a moment," she told radio host Kent ‘Smallzy’ Small on his show Smallzy’s Surgery on Australia's Nova FM. "I get it that the album nearly came out two years ago, it's been a while... but I haven't stopped working you know and so I just want to take some time.

"My next album for me is so important that I cannot rush it and I rushed the last one a little bit, even though I was very lucky to have a lot of success."

She is taking the break because she wants to get back to a place where she feels like she's starting out all over again.

"So I just really want to almost imagine as if I have never ever released music and I'm starting again and how I would release music if I was me releasing music now," she explains. Jessie adds that she'll have to write material that not only feels relevant when she releases it in the future, but also "relevant and contemporary to myself and my soul."

Jessie, 28, previously released Who You Are in 2011 and Alive in 2013. She is currently on the judging panel of the 2016 Australian singing show alongside Good Charlotte rockers Benji and Joel Madden and Delta Goodrem.