Singer Jessie J has taken control of her heart condition by cutting caffeine and alcohol from her life.

The Bang Bang! hitmaker was diagnosed with Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome when she was 11 and battled the condition throughout her teens, suffering a stroke at the age of 18.

She admits her health continues to be a big issue as she jets around the world, but she has found a way to keep her heart on track.

Jessie J tells Access Hollywood Live, "I deal with it better now. I don't have caffeine, I very rarely drink alcohol if ever, I don't have much sugar.

"If I put anything into my body it reacts twice as quick, so i have two pathways instead of one... It's fine. I have palpitations a lot but it's fine... I wanna be an inspiration to people... (Get) exercise, good sleep when I can, good diet, laughter, meditation... a dance routine."

The singer's father also suffers from the heart condition.