The Price Tag singer and her three pals donned athletic clothes and sports shoes to go on the long walk, thought to be in Los Angeles, California, on Sunday (03Jan16) but their hike soon descended into chaos when they lost their bearings.

Jessie uploaded a video to her page of her panning around to show their location, and off camera she can be heard saying, "This is where we are. Where the f**k?"

One of her friends can be heard saying, "Help me! Help Me!" before Jessie continues, "There's no-one around, they're never going to find us. This is so dumb and my battery's about to die. And it's going to get dark soon!"

In the caption of the video, she writes, "Omg (Oh my God) f**king tourists on a f**king hype on a hike!!! #lost."

It is thought the group made it back to safety, as Jessie later posted a picture of the meal she cooked for her pals.

The British pop star rang in 2016 by performing a cover of John Lennon's Imagine as the New Year's ball dropped in New York's Times Square as part of the New Year's Eve (31Dec15) celebration. She performed her own hits during the event.