Jessie J is embarrassed by how she used to dress.

The 25-year-old singer has radically overhauled her image in the last year, swapping crazy catsuits and a blunt bob for more demure clothes and a shaved head, and she now looks back on old photographs of herself and cringes at her ''clown''-like get-ups.

She admitted: ''I sent [old pictures] to all my friends the other day and said, 'If I ever dress like this again, don't let me out of the house'.

''I think I'm still edgy and I still take risks. I still wear high-waisted knickers on stage with a little crop top, but I don't want to be a clown. I think I've definitely evolved into being a bit more presentable.''

Jessie - who quit her job as a mentor on 'The Voice' UK - has also undergone a beauty makeover and wears less make-up now because she was fed up of always having to maintain her extreme look.

She said: ''I actually wear less make-up now, even for shows and stuff. I just want to keep it really clean and simple and elegant.

''I used to wear so much make-up - crystal lips and crystals round my eyes and fake eyelashes and drawn-on eyebrows, and then as soon as I went to an airport with none on, everyone would say, 'She's ill' or 'She's having a breakdown'.''

The 'Price Tag' singer tries to take advantage of her free time to tone up her legs and admits she has ''little'' body insecurities just like every other women.

She added in an interview with Britain's Glamour magazine: ''I'm in the studio and recording, I'll do 40 squats because legs do sag and that's all I was given, so I've got to look after them. I have my little things, but I don't sit and moan about them.

''I go, 'Oh, I've got a little bit of cellulite, then I get off my arse and do squats, drink loads of water and look after myself.''