Jessie J banned alcohol from the set of her latest video.

The 'Price Tag' hitmaker prohibited her crew from drinking while shooting 'My Party' - in which model Jourdan Dunn has made a cameo - but some of her sneaky staff had to be given a dressing down after they managed to break the rules.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Jessie said strictly no alcohol so she could get the job done.

''But a few extras snuck it in anyway and had to be told to calm down during filming.''

Jessie's second studio album - a follow up to 2011's 'Who You Are' - was rumoured to be titled 'Gold' after a press release accompanying her interview with Glamour magazine appeared to suggest the record shared the chemical element's moniker, but she has played down such reports.

When asked on Twitter if her forthcoming album is called 'Gold', she replied: ''*family fortunes noise* eggh egggghhhhhh* #fail #tryagain #keepguessing Muhahahaha! (sic)''

However, the 25-year-old star has previously hinted the record will have a one-word title.

She explained: ''It's so obvious and I say it all the time. You'll get it soon, you'll get it very soon.

''The word is on the first album, there you go. It's one word! There's something I haven't said before!''