Jessie J says Adele is an ''unstoppable character''.

The 'It's My Party' singer went to BRIT School with the 'Rolling in the Deep' hitmaker when they were both teenagers, and said even then Adele - who became one of the biggest stars in the world with her 2011 album '21', which has sold over 20 million copies - oozed star quality.

Jessie explained: ''Adele is like this unstoppable character. She's amazing. I remember being at school with her and she had this aura about her that was a star and I'm really proud of her. It's like females UK, everyone is doing so well at the moment.''

Adele's success has been fuelled by her confessional tracks like 'Someone Like You', about lost love, and Jessie has written a similarly personal song for her second album, 'Alive'.

She added to Hello! magazine: ''It's very emotional, very personal. It's about a family member of mine who isn't themselves anymore. They're still alive but not themselves, in the sense that illness has taken them away a little bit. And I needed to write a song about it. I don't think I'd be able to sing it live, and I hope my fans respect that. But I gave my all in the vocals so that they have that, it sounds like a live performance.''