Bosses of Jessica Simpson's new VH1 show THE PRICE OF BEAUTY have denied rumours they cut scenes featuring the star's hairdresser Ken Paves - following rumours they were eager to downgrade his role in the series.
The singer/actress has travelled across the globe learning beauty regimes and glamour culture in different countries, documenting the ideologies of African tribeswomen and Japanese Geishas.
Simpson took along her longtime hairstylist Paves, as well as pal Casey Cobb, to take part in the filming - but recent reports suggested VH1 executives were forced to scrap several scenes as the coiffeur appeared in too much footage.
A source told New York gossip column Page Six, "Ken went along on the trip to do Jess' hair, but it was impossible to get him out of the shot when taping began. They don't want people to think it's a show about a hairdresser."
However, a VH1 spokesman insists programme producers have not tried to reduce Paves' role, telling the publication, "The show is about Jessica and her two friends. Ken is a part of the storyline."