THE DUKES OF HAZZARD star Jessica Simpson is proud she waited until she was married before having sex, because making love on her wedding night was the "most amazing moment" of her life.

The 25-year-old singer/actress admits long-term love Nick Lachey was hard to resist, but insists the frustration lead to a sexually explosive honeymoon experience.

And she loves her husband all the more for his support and patience.

She says, "There were moments where I'd be, 'OK, I can't, I can't, I've got to have sex!'

"You know when you're in the moment, you're passionate.

"And Nick wouldn't because he knew how much I'd regret it. He knew how much I would kick myself.

"Sex on my wedding night was the most amazing moment of my life.

"Thunderbolts, lightening, the lot.

"As soon as it was over, I was raring to start again."