Jessica Simpson's bodyguards are facing police action after allegedly man-handling a photographer and snatching his camera equipment. Simpson was leaving the Pink Elephant night club in New York City early this morning (03JUL06) after celebrating her divorce from ex-husband Nick Lachey when the incident reportedly took place. New York Daily News photographer JOHN ROCA began to snap the singer when he was allegedly pounced upon by four of her minders. Roca claims he hid his memory card down his trousers but Simpson's security men retrieved it with force. Roca says, "As she turned around, I hit her with a volley of shots. Before you could say 'Madonna,' four guys pounced on me. "I'm shocked. These guys jumped on me like a chicken on a June bug." Simpson's spokesman refuses to accept responsibility on behalf of her client: "This had nothing to do with Jessica's security. It was club security that acted on its own." But a Pink Elephant source points the finger at the celebrity: "All the bodyguards coming on heavy were employees of Jessica, not the club."