LATEST: Pop star Jessica Simpson's manager father has severed all family ties with America's STAR magazine after reporters `broke' a story this week suggesting his daughter was close to splitting from husband Nick Lachey.

Joe Simpson appeared on national TV yesterday (29OCT04) and lashed out at the tabloid for printing a story claiming Lachey had cheated on his wife at a friend's bachelor party, calling it "c**p that you know is not true."

And he insists he'll no longer let journalists and photographers working for the publication into family events.

The ex-minister fumed, "We let you into our lives and then you print c**p that you know is not true because you know us.

"But it's news and it's gossip and you forget we have a relationship."

Simpson also blasted pictures of his daughter Jessica not wearing her wedding ring - prompting further speculation that her marriage to Lachey is in trouble.

He added, "Jessica's not wearing her wedding ring - well that's because you shot her coming out of LA SportsClub, where she was working out.

"Do you wear your wedding ring when you work out? Usually notbecause you sweat and your rings come off, and, when your rings are half a million dollars, you'd appreciate them not rolling on the street."

01/11/2004 10:50