Jessica Simpson was thrilled by the failure of her 2003 single SWEETEST SIN, because she felt pushed into recording the "stupid" song.

The singer, who recently separated from husband Nick Lachey, released the track from her album IN THIS SKIN, but it failed to chart anywhere on the Billboard 100 - leaving Simpson elated.

She says, "On In This Skin, I didn't think Sweetest Sin represented who I was as an artist. It was stupid and I loved that it completely tanked.

"I've been told what to do and was looked at as a product for so long, and everything was put into perspective at that moment."

As a result, Simpson insisted on taking the reins on her upcoming album AND THE BAND PLAYS ON, which is set to be released in the spring (06).

She adds, "This is the first album that I've approached with confidence. I finally (believe) that people like me for me. On this album, I wasn't doing what other people told me to."