LATEST: Jessica Simpson has slammed reports she is dating actor Jared Leto, insisting they just happened to run into each other during a night out on the town recently. Simpson appeared on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show in Los Angeles yesterday (23JUN06) and claims her encounter with the ALEXANDER star was entirely innocent. When Seacrest asked her if she was dating Cameron Diaz's ex-boyfriend she shot back, "Don't ask me about that! It was just a night out!" Seacrest replied, "So you guys were at the same place at the same time?" Simpson replied, 'We were, isn't that a coincidence? We said 'Hi' and gave each other a hug and somehow it became this whole huge story. He's a friend." The singer was scheduled to shoot the music video for her new single PUBLIC AFFAIR in Los Angeles yesterday, where Seacrest will appear as a limo driver taking Simpson and pals, including Eva Longoria, to a rink to roller skate.