Jessica Simpson was back in the recording studio this week (begs03APR06), where she is still haunted by memories of her painful break-up with Nick Lachey. The star completed filming new movie EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH on Monday (03APR06) and immediately got back to work on her long-delayed album AND THE BAND PLAYED ON. The project was originally scheduled for release last November (05), but was pushed back after Simpson announced she was splitting from her husband. Simpson had planned on making the album a combination of country and club music, but, after undergoing so much personal drama, she has changed the kind of statement she wants to make. She tells, "I think that with my music, you can't help but tell people a story about your life." "I believe every artist, that's their artistry - it comes out of them naturally through lyrics, through music. "So with this next record you will hear a lot of things I've been going through. "And if it can offer any inspiration to anybody else going through the same situation, so be it. That's why I'm here."