Jessica Simpson makes regular visits to her local department store to people-watch - so she can take inspiration from other women's fashion choices to create pieces for her own clothing line.
The fashion-forward singer/actress has built up a multi-million dollar empire on the back of her own name brand with the help of her mother Tina, and the label now encompasses everything from clothes, shoes, handbags and luggage.
And she confesses she takes a lot of style pointers from customers in her local MACy's store whenever she's back home in Dallas, Texas.
She tells America's Glamour magazine, "It's an incredible experience, creatively. I love to work with my mum; we're very hands-on. I get my inspiration from books, pictures, art.
"I love to check out people's personal style; I'll go into a MACy's in Dallas and watch what women pick up.
"I've had people come up to me and say, 'What would you put together for me?' And I've gone and picked out shoes and said, 'These would be really cute with this belt and this handbag and this hat.'"