Jessica Simpson credits her EMPLOYEE OF THE MONTH co stars DANE COOK and Dax Shepard with helping her get over ex-husband Nick Lachey. The Dukes of Hazzard star, who divorced Lachey in June (30JUN06), was extremely depressed following their split earlier this year (06). But she insists filming Employee Of The Month taught her how to be happy again. And Simpson, whose lack of cooking skills were made famous in reality TV show NEWLYWEDS, even learned to bake so she could treat the cast and crew. She says, "I was going through a pretty rough time. So all these guys really lightened my day. They made it bright. "We all became such great friends. It was a great getaway for me. A great time to just sit back and relax and laugh and enjoy myself, enjoy my friends and enjoy life. "And the cast and crew reaped the benefits. I made cupcakes here and there. I love to bake so I would bring stuff to the set all the time."