Jessica Simpson just keeps on giving - a week after buying her dad a Ferrari, the pop star has handed officials at a Mexican orphanage she supports the keys to a brand new mini-van. The 26-year-old singer/actress surprised staff and kids at the Casa Hogar Elim orphanage in Nuevo Laredo, Mexico on Sunday (25MAR07) when she drove a 2007 Chrysler Town + Country through the gates of the home. Simpson has enjoyed a long history with the orphanage - when she first visited the place seven years ago, she had to be talked out of adopting one of the children. The ANGELS singer has been a regular visitor and contributor ever since. MAMA LUPITA, who runs the struggling orphanage is the new owner of the mini-van. A thrilled Simpson was overcome with emotion as the children thanked her for her generosity. She said, "I'm so honoured and happy to be able to help." Simpson was joined in her mercy mission by mum TINA and manager/father Joe. The singer won a Chrysler sports car at the MTV Video Music Awards last year (06), but asked the bosses at the auto firm to exchange the vehicle for a mini-van, so she could donate it to the orphanage, after hearing that Mama Lupita's van had broken down.