Blonde bombshell Jessica Simpson has gone red after playing around with hairstyles. The singer enlisted the help of good friend and hair stylist Ken Paves to create a new red-head look for her after deciding on a major makeover. The stylist to the stars explains, "We were just having fun and playing with her hairdo... and Jessica just loved it. (Jessica) calls it an 'auburn ginger.' "It was just what she wanted. She wore that colour as extensions and just loved it so much that she decided she wanted to have her (real) hair coloured." Paves said the look was inspired by old Hollywood glamour adding, "It's a throw back to NORMA JEAN (Marilyn Monroe). It has a very Marilyn Monroe feel. "Jessica likes it because it's not as produced and it's a little natural and organic. She has gorgeous hair. "She even looks gorgeous without hair! This look is natural and looks great on her."