Singer/actress Jessica Simpson was mortified when she screen-tested for a two parts in the big screen re-make of the classic TV show Dallas and didn't get either one of them. Media reports claimed the star was in line to land the role of sexy LUCY EWING, but the Dukes Of Hazzard star failed to impress film-makers with her acting skills. Simpson claims singing comes naturally to her, but acting is another story saying, "I never thought I would see myself on the big screen. That, to me, was something so unreachable." She says she auditioned for the part but "couldn't really pull it off... They wanted me to come back for PAM (EWING). They saw me as something more mature, and as a woman. "I really thought I nailed it and had a chemistry read with Luke Wilson, who was playing BOBBY. "All of a sudden I get a call: not Pam. Everyone was saying I was going to be in Dallas, and I didn't get the part. I did not get it. How embarrassing is that?"