LATEST: Jessica Simpson has slammed tabloid reports she is dating singer John Mayer and insists the two are just friends. The 25-year-old star appeared on US talk show The View today (05SEP06), where she discussed the rumours surrounding her personal life. Simpson appeared on the first day of the 10th season of the show as a favour to new co-host ROSIE O'DONNELL, who supported her when she was first starting out. O'Donnell asked, "Is everything going good for you, you're in a good place, you're happy...' Simpson replied, "I'm in a really good place..." O'Donnell then tried to get to the bottom of tabloid reports that she is dating Mayer, prodding her with, "You don't want to say, but maybe?" Simpson sighed and shook her head saying, "I love it that she just goes right there....I'm actually not dating John Mayer." O'Donnell feigned shock saying, "You mean People magazine was wrong?" The American publication featured Simpson on the cover last week (ends03SEP06) with the headline, 'I'm in love,' referring to Simpson's reported new relationship with Mayer. She added, "And they put this quote saying that I'm in love! You know, he's my friend, I've known him for a couple years."