LATEST: Jessica Simpson has fired back at press reports she snubbed a meeting with PRESIDENT George W Bush, insisting he ran out of time to sit down with her. Simpson insists she is not among the celebrities who are keen to attack the US President - and she's still hoping the pair can reschedule their meeting. Simpson was set to meet the leader tomorrow (17MAR05), during the pop star's visit to Capitol Hill in Washington DC, where she'll address congressmen about charity organisation Operation Smile. She says, "I'm just so excited because the President asked for a special meeting. We're going to sit down face to face and we're going to talk about children. I want to set up this whole orphanage and adoption organisation. "I just really want to bring awareness to interracial adoption." The pop star, who performed at Bush's inauguration and has been to The White House four times, admits she's a big fan of Bush: "He's a very personable guy, he's a Texas guy. His ranch is four doors down from my aunt and uncle's ranch. We have lots of Texas stuff to talk about."