Jessica Simpson is learning something new every day - she often spends breakfast reading aloud with her fiance Eric Johnson.
The blonde beauty, who became engaged to the former American football star in November (10), reveals Johnson has inspired the singer to take time to reflect on whatever's on her mind every morning, so she can go about her day worry-free.
And he's encouraged Simpson to express her feelings through regular reading and writing sessions.
She tells New York Magazine, "I just let it flow. My fiance taught me that. He'll get up in the morning and just write, so nothing blocks his emotional life. It doesn't even have to be in sentence form; he just gets everything out, and that way he can function without getting in the way of himself, without being aggressive or judgmental. We do that together.
"Sometimes he takes that hour just reading, we'll get out of bed and just read aloud to each other. He has so many books. Like, just books and books and books and books."