Jessica Simpson posed without make-up to show she is just a "normal person".

The singer-and-actress appeared fresh faced on the cover of Marie Claire magazine and was keen for the images not to be retouched so everyone could see what she looked like naturally.

She said: "I really wanted to show women that I'm just a normal person. I take the pictures. I don't know what the magazine is going to do with it after that. I don't know what the photographer is going to do with it after that, so it was important for me to make sure that they absolutely did not retouch. I just wanted people to see how I really am."

Jessica, 29, also denied claims she had worn cover-up for the photos and insists she is completely natural.

She told "I absolutely was not wearing make-up. Look at the cover - you can tell! My nose has been broken a couple of times. If you look at a retouched cover of me and you look at the Marie Claire cover, you can see there's a big difference."

The blonde beauty recently caused a stir when she posted pictures of herself on twitter with short hair.

While Jessica had donned a 60s-inspired pixie cut wig, she said cutting off her long locks is not something she would rule out in the future.

She revealed: "I was just having fun. Never say never! Maybe, but not right now!"