Pop couple Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were elated when THE A-Team icon Mr T agreed to appear on their upcoming variety show, because he was one their childhood heroes.

The singers have scored guest appearances from Kenny Rogers, KENNETH 'BABYFACE' EDMONDS and Jewel for the NICK AND JESSICA VARIETY HOUR, which airs in America on Sunday (11APR04), but they were most thrilled when they got TV tough guy Mr T to share screen time with them.

Lachey says, "We wanted to make it relevant to us, and growing up as a kid, The A-Team was awesome to me, so Mr T was cool enough to come on and do this little cameo thing.

"It was great. The first time we ran through the sketch with him in it I couldn't stop laughing. It was hysterical."

07/04/2004 09:45