A nervous Jessica Simpson appeared on MTV's TRL Wednesday (19JUL06) to debut her new music video A PUBLIC AFFAIR, but ex-husband Nick Lachey's new girlfriend VANESSA MINNILLO was noticeably absent. Producers of the show made sure Minnillo wasn't hosting when Simpson appeared in order to avoid an awkward encounter. Simpson still appeared uncomfortable and repeatedly messed up her lines while reading from the teleprompter and stumbled over words. After flubbing the show's email address, she blurted out to her MTV co-host, "Oh, my Lord! Tell me to breathe! Will you tell me to breathe?' before apologising to the audience saying, "I'm sorry! I'm so nervous! I don't know why I'm so nervous!" During the next segment, Simpson was asked if she would be willing to answer questions from the audience and she replied gratefully, "I would love that! It's better than reading a teleprompter!" After attempting to read the teleprompter one last time, an exasperated Simpson blurted out, "Oh, my God! I'm horrible at this! That's why I sing I guess!" The star had much better luck when she showed the audience the best ways to pose for the paparazzi and shared her favourite video clips, which included Britney Spears' I'M A SLAVE FOR U.