The success of Jessica Simpson's Fashion Star continues to prove itself on the high street, according to Broadway World's TV blog. It may not have set viewer ratings alight since it began airing but the show, which has been pitched as a rival to Project Runway, is proving to be a money-spinner for the high street retailers involved in its novel format.
The 14 designers on the show are required to vie for business from H&M, Saks Fifth Avenue and MACy's. If the representatives from the stores like their designs enough to invest in them, their designs hit the shop floor when the show has ended. And reports suggest that a number of the designs have been flying off the racks, with many even selling out. In last week's show, Caprice Willard bid for three designs for MACy's, one of which sold out online by the following day. A kimono sleeve kaftan dress designed by Nikki Poulos was on sale for $89 and was snapped up in less than 12 hours. Similarly, a $19.99 black and turquoise dress from Sarah Parrott sold out at H&M and a limited range of $350 zipper miniskirts from Orly Shani also got snapped up by eager fashion fans.
The show's producer said that the 'click-through rate' (i.e. the number of people who bought an item, as opposed to simply viewing it) "was hundreds of percentage points higher than normal." The designers on the show are mentored by celebrity fashion enthusiasts Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and JOHN VARVATOS.