Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey are fighting reports the pop hunk seduced a college student last month (SEP05) - just days after being forced to deny they're heading for divorce.

The pop couple have been hitting out at speculation over the state of their marriage for much of the year (05), and now Ohio State student DANIELLE CALO, 19, has added more fuel to the fire.

The brunette beauty tells America's Star magazine that after meeting with Lachey at a high school football game in Columbus, Ohio, on 09 September (05), she was invited back to the star's hotel room, where he told her she was "really hot" before making a move on her.

She says, "He was a really good kisser, soft and gentle even though he was using his tongue to French kiss me. His eyes are so beautiful, too, and he kept staring at me, just like at the football game.

"We kissed for a long time; Nick would occasionally rub my thigh very lightly. I knew the opportunity to do more was there, but a part of me kept thinking that he's very married, so I was uncomfortable about doing anything else - and I told him so.

"From that point on, Nick never forced anything, and we never went into his bedroom. He called me briefly on Saturday, but nothing came of it. We haven't spoken since."

While a representative for Lachey insists, "This story is completely untrue."

The publication claims to have put Calo through a polygraph test - which she passed.