US songstress Jessica Simpson would reportedly like to star in a traditional UK pantomime.

The singer-turned-actress is supposedly tempted to appear in a festive show after her Hollywood pal STEVE GUTTENBERG told her how much she could earn.

Speaking to New! magazine, the actor said: "I've been talking to her about when I did my stint in Bromley, UK, and she's keen to experience the panto for herself.

"I told her how I'd picked up 100 grand for four weeks' work - that's going to appeal to anyone!"

Jessica stars alongside Steve in the film MAJOR MOVIE STAR, which has gone straight to DVD under the new title of PRIVATE VALENTINE: BLONDE AND DANGEROUS.

Meanwhile, Jessica has been speaking out about her relationship with football star Tony Romo.

Addressing the crowd at the recent Kiss County annual Chili Cookoff, the country singer said: "I am so excited that I am going to see my boyfriend tonight!"

"I am sooo happy!" she added.

27/01/2009 11:56:54