Jessica Simpson's new fragrance will be more ''mature''.

The 33-year-old star already has a string of scents to her name - including Dreamy Dessert, Fancy and Juicy Dessert - but the blonde beauty is determined to create a smell that oozes ''sophistication'' and is named directly after her for the upcoming launch in August.

Speaking to, she said: ''We were just throwing out different ideas and different names, and I said, 'Why don't we do something with just my name?' There has to be a way to just do that because we're doing it in the rest of our business. When it's just my name, my heart is definitely in it. There were things about this fragrance that took me to a different place. It was exciting. It's more sophisticated. It's a little mature.''

Jessica, who has two children Maxwell, two, and Ace, 11 months, with her fiancé Eric Johnson, has based the floral fragrance on her favourite childhood memories.

She explained: ''[The fragrance] is a mixture of everything that I grew up loving. I am one of those people that part of who I am is doing a lot of reminiscing ... If [the children] reminisce about certain moments of their lives, I want them to one day be able to reminisce about me and be like, that's what mum smelled like.''