Pop star-turned-reality icon Jessica Simpson has given up making music - because she isn't comfortable getting sexy for video shoots.

Simpson's album sales have been going downhill since her debut, SWEET Kisses, sold two million copies, and now she's turning her back on music to concentrate on her acting.

She says, "The music industry right now, it's not even fun, so this is just God opening bigger doors. This way, when I want to focus on music again, it'll actually be out of love and passion.

"Musically, my dream is to do what Norah Jones did. I can't play the piano but to sit next to the piano and just sing... and not have to put on a big elaborate show...

"I just miss the old Hollywood BING CROSBY-like love for music. Wearing the head mic, the belly top, and doing the dance moves wasn't the real me."

20/01/2004 09:49