The 35-year-old was infamously caught on camera becoming confused by a can of Chicken of the Sea tuna during her first marriage to Nick Lachey, so it wouldn't take too much for her eldest child with second husband Eric Johnson to be more clued up than her mum.

But Jessica, who also has son Ace, two, with Eric, thinks Maxwell is set for stardom, too.

"Maxwell will be four May 1 and she might be wiser than me," she chuckled to People magazine. "She definitely has model poses. I was never born to be a model, but my daughter, she's just got something in her that makes people want to strike a pose."

When Maxwell isn't busy perfecting her model pout, she is fully immersed in her role as big sister to her little brother.

"She definitely lets her brother know that she's the oldest and that she is in charge," Jessica added. "Ace is finally starting to stand up for himself."

Thankfully, there isn't too much sibling squabbling when the family hits the road, with Jessica telling the publication how much they all enjoy a family adventure.

"(The kids are) always very chill in the car unless they're bantering back and forth," she said. "And then me and Eric just have to tune them out. Just let them talk back and forth and get through it. They're brother and sister!"

The star and her offspring also spend a lot of time with her sister, Ashlee, and her children, and Jessica admits that despite the huge age gap, Maxwell is very similar to her famous aunt, 31.

"I always get Ashlee and Maxwell confused because they are pretty much the same person," she laughed. "I call my daughter Ash, and Ash, Max... all the time! I do it just around the house and I'm like, 'Sorry, guys.' Ash takes it as a compliment because Maxwell is pretty fabulous."