Pop sensation Jessica Simpson has admitted that seeing ex-husband Nick Lachey dating soon after their split was painful.

The 26-year-old star filed for divorce from the ex-98 degrees pop singer in December 2005 after three years of marriage, citing irreconcilable differences.

But it was still hard to see her ex with someone new, the Texan beauty admitted.

Speaking to Elle magazine, the Dukes of Hazard actress said: "Oh, it hurt me. Two or three weeks later? Yeah, I'd say it kind of hurt me."

The couple spent much of their marriage in the spotlight due to the hit MTV show Newlyweds.

Reflecting on the show, Jessica said: "I let people in on who I am and how I react to my husband. That's a big deal. Celebrities don't do that," she added.

But it seems that there won't be a return to the intrusive reality television show which made Jessica a household name across the pond.

"So I think they (the media) brought me down just because I stopped talking and because I have not spoken, and will not speak, about my divorce," the Employee of the Month actress said.

06/02/2007 07:47:06