Jessica Simpson is a huge fan of Lizzo.

The 39-year-old singer and media personality thinks the 'Juice' hitmaker is ''amazing'' and has insisted the modern day music industry is completely different to the ''cookie-cutter way'' it was when she was releasing her own music.

She said: ''It is amazing because what's being celebrated is her confidence. [When I was doing music], that was never even thought about. You just had to do it the cookie-cutter way.''

And Jessica - who has recently released six new songs to go alongside her new 'Open Book' memoir - says her new tracks are about ''voice, heart and openness''.

She added to the Los Angeles Times newspaper: ''Music now for me is what I thought it was going to be when I signed my first record deal. It's about my voice, it's about my heart and it's about being open.''

Jessica previously revealed she was unveiling six new songs and ''for the first time'', she feels ''no pressure'' for them to be well received.

Taking to her Instagram account, she wrote: ''Releasing music isn't what it used to be for me. For the first time, I feel no pressure.

''Today I'm releasing six new songs, written from my heart, at the end of my audiobook with connection, peace and compassion for myself. #OpenBook #PartyOfOne (sic)''

In one of the songs, she sang that she was ''not broken just cause she cries'' and insisted she was ''more than these demons holding her down''.

Singing the lyrics, she shared: ''Gonna look in the mirror, straight in my eyes ... tell myself I'm not broken just cause I cry. It's a love song, part of one. I'm not weak cause I don't want to fight. I am more than than my body, more than my wealth. I am more than these demons holding me down. It's a love song, party of one; God knows its my bad for my health.''