Jessica Simpson's book tour was interrupted by animal rights protesters twice on Monday (10.02.20) evening.

The 39-year-old singer-and-actress was in conversation with Katherine Schwarzenegger in Los Angeles to promote her memoir, 'Open Book', when they had to stop their exchange while a group who objected to the 'Dukes of Hazzard' star's wearing of fur were ejected from the venue.

As they were removed from the stage and out of the building, Jessica said: ''God bless you guys! It's beautiful that you stand up for what you believe, but not through hatred.''

Later a woman stood up in the audience and began shouting at Jessica.

She yelled: ''Please stop wearing animals, please stop wearing fur. There are so many other choices. Please stop wearing fur, Jessica. Animals are electrocuted!''

The conversation was again paused while the woman was escorted out, and Jessica brushed off the incident.

She said: ''Well, these are the types of moments where you know, when you're trying to speak about helping other people get through their own problems and their life, and when you talk about god, that is when darkness tries to seep in.

''And I know that god is stronger than that and nothing will hold me back from my calling.''

The disruption came a few days after animal rights activists interrupted one of her book signing events in New York.

They began screaming and holding up their signs as the blonde beauty came out to give a speech, forcing her to take a step back for a few minutes while they were ejected by security, but she eventually returned to talk with fans about her tome.

Later that evening, she was accosted by more anti-fur protesters who called her an ''animal abuser'' and ''murderer'' as she left Il Mulino restaurant to get into her waiting car.

One man screamed: ''What type of person would wear fur in 2020?!''