Despite being praised in some quarters for raising the bar in the world of TV fashion design contests, Jessica Simpson 's Fashion Star hasn't lived up to the expectations of New York Daily News, which surmises that the show falls foul of its own ambition.
Fellow New York publication The New York Times was full of praise for the first episode of the new show. The celebrity mentors, Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie were praised for their input into the show, though mainly out of surprise that they actually seemed to be talking sense. Today, though. The New York Times have criticized the ambition of Fashion Star - which aims to provide a talent show with a purpose, with the fashion designs actually being available to buy in major fashion retail shops the day after each episode is aired. According to the paper's reviewer David Hinckley, the extra process muddles the streamlining of the show and the mentors' roles. "Where it gets murky," argues Hinckley "is that mentors seem to function in some ways more as a prejudging panel, ruling on whose designs have the most promise."