Jessica Pare, the actress who plays 'Megan' in 'Mad Men', could see her character marry Jon Hamm'S 'Don Draper', after the pair became engaged in the season four finale of the hit US Show. In the episode, entitled, 'Tomorrowland', Don took his relationship with secretary 'Megan' to the next level by proposing to her. The Creative Director of ad agency 'Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce' used an engagement ring that was given to him by the widow of the man whose identity he stole.
After filming the finale, 27-year-old Pare spoke to AMC about her working relationship with Hamm, saying, "He's a really great actor to work with because he's very supportive. What you see is what you get, which is in direct opposition to his character. The scene we did when we're both in bed -- that really intimate scene before he leaves my hotel room - was my favorite scene to shoot in the whole season". After being asked whether she became nervous because of Hamm's sex symbol status, the actress said that the most intimidating factor was Hamm's talents as an actor, but added, "He's very good-looking, but I don't think that freaked me out so much as I was like, "Yay!"
To date, 'Mad Men' has received thirteen Emmy Awards and four GOLDEN GLOBES, as well as being universally praised for its historical authenticity and visual style. There is currently no official airing date for season five of the drama, but reports suggest that it may return in late 2011.