Jessica Paré claims actors are ''deluded''

The 32-year-old actress has at least 15 years experience in both film and television but thinks her profession is like a ''bad boyfriend'' because it requires a lot of effort with not much comeback.

Speaking to ES Magazine, Jessica said: ''Acting was like a bad boyfriend: I'd given the best years of my life to this relationship. He called me once a week to put me down, then once a year he'd send me flowers and I'd be on my knees again.

''You have to be pretty deluded to be an actor. I've been doing it for 15 years, and it's really hard.''

The Canadian actress is currently starring in US drama series 'Mad Men' and feels she can connect with her ''open and free'' character Megan Draper ''quite strongly.''

Jessica said: ''I was going into a show where everyone had been nominated for every award under the sun. There's a part of Megan that I identified quite strongly with. That's very open and free and guileless and full of joy.''

The pretty brunette has also taken to the stage with the Scottish rock band 'The Jesus and Mary Chain' in New York, but despite her vast experience in the public eye, she admits she still had to face pre-stage nerves.

Jessica said: ''Every time I had to go on stage I was like, 'I can't!' But then I thought, 'These people came to see their favourite band; they got a babysitter and they made dinner reservations and they called the cab and bought tickets, so don't f**k it up for them!' ''

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