Jessica Lowndes is ''addicted to lingerie''.

The '90210' beauty admits she feels incredibly comfortable in skimpy outfits and loves parading around in her underwear when she's alone at home.

Speaking to Canada's TORO magazine, she said: ''I don't usually just walk around in a bra, but in my home I do. I love lingerie, I have an addiction to lingerie, and I love the kind of 1940s vibe.''

When she isn't dressing down in provocative lingerie in the comfort of her own house, the singer-and-actress is much more conservative when it comes to her day-to-day look, insisting she dresses in the ''classics'' - but isn't opposed to taking a risk every so often.

She added: ''My personal fashion style would be feminine chic. I like to be comfortable and I like sticking with the classics, but I also like taking a risk.''

The sexy brunette started appearing in front of the camera when she was just a toddler and says her years of experience have helped her build up confidence for fashion photoshoots.

She explained: ''I've been comfortable in front of a camera since I was three years old.

''It's like I don't even know it is there, which is why I am able to act, I have gotten so used to building up that fourth wall. I am just very confident and I love it.''